Welcome Puthandu, the Tamil New Year, with splendid silk sarees

This is the season when different Indian communities will welcome their New Year in their own particular extraordinary way. Some are also praising the start of the harvest season with much pageantry and eminence.

Puthandu, the Tamil New Year, is also approaching. The day starts with eating jaggery with slashed raw mango and neem leaves, a blend of sweet and bitter flavors. If you have a Tamilian friend, you will see an assortment of desserts and treats for lunch, including payasam and poli. The celebration is essentially an occasion to invest quality time with the family.


It is that time when all Tamils wake up early, take bathe, and eat to commend the New Year. They wear new clothes. Women are fond of Kanchipuram and Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees, but now some women like to experiment with zardosi encrusted sarees from Surat.


The most ideal approach to explore the grandness of the south Indian handloom heritage is to take a gander at the different sorts of south Indian sarees. This is in reality an exceptionally general category of fashion as each state and region has its own specific style of saree. The draping and even the textile are different and unique in its own way.

Without a doubt the most lavish of all are the south Indian silk sarees. Mysore Silk from this region is amazingly acclaimed. The Traditional South Indian Silk Sarees utilize only the finest silk strings while weaving. The most well known assortment is the Kanjivaram sari, a kind of woven brocade sari that is made by joining three fine silk strings with a solitary golden string in each yarn. It is ordinarily embellished with gold string designs that are woven into the fabric itself. The finished result is a garment that is substantial and rich, yet totally soft and exquisite in its looks. It has a particularly extravagant gleam and a smooth texture. It is considered one of the most costly and selective saris and thus has been worn by fashion divas on red carpets. It is also one of the most desired south Indian wedding sarees. It is thought to be a propitious decision for a Tamil lady.

There are also numerous beautiful south cotton sarees however one emerges over all the rest. The beautiful Kerala Kasavu sarees are uniquely woven on handlooms with cotton. They have a one of a kind, ethereal excellence as the immaculate white cotton fabric is off-set with huge, astonishing golden outskirts. This sari is paired with a golden shirt which further adds to the excellence of the troupe. This is beautiful ceremonial clothing that has become stylish even in other parts of India.

With the development of web and online shopping, purchasing Indian clothes is now a click away. Kanchipuram or kanjivaram sarees is one of the top of the line things on online shopping during Puthandu. SareesBazaar, an online ethnic store for women, offer a stunning load of sarees, different salwar kameez styles, and exciting lehengas of most recent fashion.

Regardless of how Chennai might have changed into an IT hub in the recent time, the tradition of purchasing new ethnic clothing on New Year will never go out of fashion.

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