Pohela Boishakh–Gifts and Celebration of Bangla New Year’s Day

So, here is that part of the year again when the whole Kolkata is immersed in the festive spirit of Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year). It doesn’t matter if you are residing in your home town or located outside because now you can soaked in the delight of gifts giving and saree purchasing during the new year. Even if you are not a Bengali, there must have been a point in your life when you wanted to look like a Bengali beauty.

Bengali women should be amongst the most beautiful on the planet on account of their physical magnificence as well as in view of the class and elegance they easily radiate. This generalization has a great deal to do with the rich and old Bengali culture, of which garments are an enormous part. Truth be told, Bengal is known as a rich store of fine fabrics, one of a kind textiles, imaginative designs and exquisite garments. Maybe nothing speaks to their style in the famous creative energy and also the great Bengali saree look, complete with the matching accessories and hairdo.

Madhuri Dixit & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Bengali Saree from the Movie Devdas. Image Source: Google

For the vast majority, the most effectively identifiable Bengali saree would be the ordinary white saree with an expansive red fringe. Mostly made of light materials like cotton, they accompany an extensive and distinctive red outskirt, which is best shown with the one of a kind drape from this district. In this drape, the saree is wrapped around the waist and tucked in the front. The pallu is then perfectly creased and tossed over one shoulder and brought back under the arm on the other side and afterward draped over the other shoulder, commonly with a heavy saree pin hanging toward the end to keep it set up. The best part about wearing a Bengali saree along these lines is that it doesn’t have to look “impeccable” as a tad bit of flaw in the pleats, hanging and so forth suits the look. The outfit looks complete with gold bangles, accessories and hoops. A red bindi and bold eye makeup is a fundamental part of the look. The hair can either be left free in organized waves or twists or tied in a bun. This sort of look is frequently seen at celebrations and Pohela Boishakh (Bengali New Year).

Notwithstanding, Bengali women of today have more differed inclinations, as far as the drapes, styling and the garments themselves. Bengali saree designs have a tendency to be entirely beautiful, whether it is a great Tant saree or Jamdani. A number of these customary Bengali saree designs have been adjusted into contemporary style sarees, prevalent amongst the literati and specialists. Comfortable, cool and upscale, they can be draped in free streaming style to flaunt the pallu and don’t usually require heavy gold accessories. Truth be told, imitation jewelry works better with these garments.

Whether it is the conventional styles or the present day patterns, Bengali women have given motivation to sari loving women over the world. These looks have turned out to be greatly stylish and are imitated by women all over the place. If you are looking forward to get a Bengali saree online, alongside the proper accessories and jewelry, visit our website for wide range of options.

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