How to Drape Gujarati Style Saree?

The Saree in the wake of having survived many years of changes, intrusions, and globalization has now risen as an abundantly fancied, glamorous and sexy outfit that is loved by beautiful women everywhere throughout the world.

The Gujarati Sari gives women a feeling of luxury, tastefulness and gentility like no other. Sari is clothing that compliments the female form and if draped well, can also cover little fat here and there. A Saree is certainly an attention grabber, whether in movies, or a companion’s wedding, or a get together event. There is a saree for each event. Saree makes the woman wearing it feel like a princess, glamorous, beautiful and exceptional.


Gujarati Saree is genuinely the most adaptable and easy going piece of clothing. The same Saree can be draped in a few different routes, worn with different sorts of blouses, even trousers, and accessorized from numerous points of view. Sarees are available in different fabrics, colors, patterns, prints and work….there is truly no end with the sort of assortment one can have in the closet with only a couple of sarees.

Below are the tips to drape Gujarati style saree with élan:

1. Utilize a chiffon saree, for this strategy. Tuck the end of the saree on the right side and take it towards the waist at the back side, tuck it in completely while doing likewise.

2. Bring it towards the front again and abandon some length of fabric and tuck on the left waist. Bring the saree around the person and bring to the front once more.

3. Make pleats on the pallu, keeping the length short and stick it over the right shoulder spilling out of back to front. Now make pleats and tuck it in the center. Take the help of pins to hold the pallu.

Hina Khan in Gujarati Style Saree
Hina Khan in Gujarati Style Saree from Tv Show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”

With the extreme change in the fashion industry, these traditional outfits have also been transformed into more engaging clothing types. The designers are utilizing stunning designs and patterns as a part of order to meet the prerequisites of the purchasers. With the development in the designing innovation, the designers are also endeavoring hard to make their collections more interesting. They are utilizing different imaginative designing procedures as a part of order to make their collections more noteworthy and appealing.

The Gujarati style Saree draping is an exceptionally traditional and elegant method for draping a Saree. With this style, you get the opportunity to flaunt the unpredictably bordered pallus in full. Appropriate for any event, be it for easygoing wear or on unique events, the Gujarati style Saree wearing includes a feeling of Western India to your style.

Nowadays, the designers are utilizing a broad scope of colors in order to give a stunning touch to the collection. The colors are utilized to manifest the richness of the event. In order to meet the necessities of the purchasers, the designers are offering their collections in routine and also in whimsical color patterns. Make sure you try to drape Gujarati saree this season and take everyone by surprise.

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