How to Drape a Bengali Saree?

Whether one discusses Bengali food or their unique accent, there is a component of sweetness that one just can’t ignore. There is a stylish cliché of Bengalis reflected in their dressing. Whether it is the traditional dhoti-kurta or the beautiful Taant saree, the Bengali touch is unmistakable. The colors of the saree and the particular saree draping style makes you wish that you could drape it that way too. Don’t worry because this article will give you a clear guide regarding Bengali style draping.

A stunning blend of erotic effortlessness and traditional flavor, a fresh Bengali-style sari with a rich border, interwoven with threads of gold can make each woman look exquisite. The Bengali drape starts at the right hip. Ensure the base border is the right length, touching the highest point of your feet. Draw the fabric around you from right to left keeping the base border at an even level all around and tuck into the waistline. To adjust for the difference between the hips and waist you can make two little pleats in the back. The grain of the fabric ought to fall opposite to your body.

Kareena Kapoor in Bengali Saree in a brand promotion
Kareena Kapoor in Bengali Saree in a Brand Promotion

Start by tucking in the sari from a little past your navel, towards the right side of your waist and keep tucking it in all around, taking one round around your body, bringing it to one side hip, just about one and half times around your body.

Make a wide box pleat in front. A case pleat is a wide pleat with folds on the privilege. This pleat will end at your right leg. Ensure the base of the crate pleat is level with the ground and tuck it in.

Hold with both your hands and smoothen the front of your sari. Form a crate pleat. The bunch ought to be tucked into the waist amidst the back – it will normally move towards the right hip – sufficiently simple to alter by simply sliding the bunch to center to tighten it. The bunch helps it to stay in the waistline. You can stash a couple rupee coins to the bunch also, in the event of some unforeseen issue. The position of the pallu can be changed in accordance with getting the right drape, as each body is different. You need the front fold originating from the bunch to be a fall at a pleasant straight angle.

Bipasha Basu flaunting in Bengali Saree in Kokata Fashion Week
Bipasha Basu Flaunting in Bengali Saree in Kokata Fashion Week

Hold the pallu at both closures and pleat it. At that point cut the pallu utilizing garments clips and put it to your left side shoulder.

This is the manner by which the pleats ought to take a gander at your back. Fix the clips from your pallu and get the right corner of the end of the pallu. You can tie a key ring to this corner and bringing it to the front. Flip it over the right shoulder. Set your front pleats set up and it’s done!

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